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5 Things That Couldn’t Hurt

by Chris Cue
June 15, 2009

5 Things the Red Sox should consider doing regarding the SS position

1). Buy Lugo a free ticket to get on board the SS Minow for a 3 hour tour.

2). Infect Theo with the Swine flu so he’s not well enough to be around when a Short Stop decision is made.

3). Make another trip to Texas (Houston this time) and leave John Henry in Boston to Twitter away…

4). Move the Green Monster in about 100 feet

5). Kidnap Hanley Ramirez when he comes to Fenway this week.



Odds and Ends

Even during this slow news time for baseball there are a few rumblings and rumors that caught my eye. Nothing earth shattering as of yet, but I suspect the trade news and deals will begin to get underway relatively soon.

The first tid bit of information is along these lines and it’s an excerpt from this Boston Herald article posted today by Sean McAdam.

This a true OFF season

 (link HERE)

“…..of the 223 players eligible for free agency – most via standard free agency and some who weren’t tendered contracts last month – fewer than 60 had agreed to terms by the end of business Friday, leaving about 70 percent of the market unemployed as we head into the first full week of the new year.”


The sheer number of available players still remaining would seem to suggest that we are in for a very active January. Stay tuned….


Another peice of information worth noting is in regards to the inquirey the Red Sox made on Hanley Ramirez. This time, the info comes from Nick Cafardo’s normal Sunday contribution to the Boston Globe.

The most improved players

(link HERE

“…3. Hanley Ramirez, SS, Marlins: The Marlins made it very clear to the inquiring Red Sox that Ramirez was not available. According to a source familiar with the talks, the Sox were quickly rebuffed and word is there was never mention of players the Red Sox could offer to entice the Marlins.”


If this is to be believed, then it’s clear there was never a mention of Clay Buchholz, Jacoby Ellsbury, Justin Masterson, etc, being offered in exchange for Hanley Ramirez. It sounds like the Sox inquired, but were politely told that the Marlins had no interest in trading Hanley, so players names never came up.


The final tid bit isn’t really a rumor or a rumbling. It’s more of an observation then anything else.

I’ve been checking RedSox.com to see when the remainder of the regular season game tickets go on sale. No word yet, but I know it’ll be soon.

Anyway, while trying to decide which games I’d like to go to this year, I noticed that June & July seem to be the softer part of the Sox schedule this season. I only mention this because if for some reason we get off to a slow start, then these 2 months should allow us to gain some ground or if we’re doing well, perhaps pull ahead depending on our situation.
There are more road games in June then July, but we’re into inter-league play then. Here’s the schedule.

June Schedule:

Detroit for 3 – away
Tex for 3 – at home
NYY for 3 – at home
PHI for 3 – away
FLA for 3 – at home
ATL for 3 – at home
WAS for 3 – away
ATL for 3 – away
BAL for 2 – away

July Schedule:

BAL for 1 – away
SEA for 3 – at home
OAK for 3 – at home
KC for 4 – at home
TOR for 3 – away
TEX for 3 – away
BAL for 3 – at home
OAK for 3 – at home
BAL for 1 – away

September is going to be a tough month….2 off days and 17 road games. That’s a pretty rough way to wind down the season. However, rosters expanding and having plenty of call-ups should help as long as we’re not in a fight for our lives for a playoff spot.

A link to the season schedule is HERE.

Enjoy your Sunday!