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Open Letter to Terry Francona

By Chris Cue

Hey Tito…..

My Man, I’ve got a few things I’d like you to
consider. Let’s start with the everyday lineup. I know you struggle
daily with this, but I’m just trying to help here so hear me out.

ever hear of going with the hot hand? Well, the same applies to “hot
bats”, so let’s say we do this…..for now (depending on who is

Ellsbury – CF
Pedroia – 2B
Martinez – C (Yes, I’ve heard how he doesn’t hit when he catches…it’s BS)
Youkilis – 3B
Bay – LF
Lowell – DH
Drew – RF
Kotchman – 1B
Green – SS

know Papi & Tek are the vets and they may get rubbed the wrong way
and everything, but just tell them that you love them, rub their backs,
pat their heads and sit them the “F” down for a while OK?

       OK, glad we cleared that problem up. Now let’s talk about the
pitching. First the bullpen. Do yourself, the team and us a favor and
don’t put poor MDC in a situation where he might give up a lead. I like
the guy and all, but he doesn’t perform well under pressure. Maybe
think about stretching him out for long relief. I think he’d do well
there. Now, here’s the deal on Daniel Bard. He’s a kid and you have to
expect some adjustment time. I know he’s made you say bad words his
last few outings, but really, give him a break. He’s got great stuff.
He just needs a little time. Leave him and the rest of the fella’s
right where they are.

I know this next topic is a sore spot so I’ll try to approach it gingerly.

Starting Pitching.

Beckett & Jon Lester have done great. Please give them all the
candy and ice cream they want…..heck, take them out and shoot some
pool with them too if you think they would appreciate it. They’ve
earned it.

Brad Penny is a different story. By all means
necessary, keep him away from the candy & ice cream. It’s not that
he’s a bad guy, but let’s be honest, he REALLY doesn’t need that stuff.
However, if you’re determined to treat everyone equally, then I might
suggest a rewards program for him. You know, if he has a 1,2,3
inning….give the slob a Hershey bar. If he has more then one of
those, take him to Dairy Queen where he can watch the fat chicks eat
sundae’s. He may back off on the sweets after that. Oh yeah, if he ever
sees the light of day known as the 7th inning, I think you should give
him the keys to the vending machine and let him have at it.

Incentives Tito….think “incentives”.

Buchholz is easy. Just tell him if he gets the “W” he gets his
Penthouse Magazine back…..other wise keep it yourself….just don’t
let the Mrs. know you’ve got it.

Tazawa…..hmmm He’s kind of a
tough one. You may have to play this one by ear. Just do yourself a
favor and don’t tell him how well his countryman Dice-K has done for us
in the past…..he might try to emulate him. WE DON’T WANT THAT. Dice
is a great guy and all, but really who wants to see the bases loaded
all the time and a magic act that nobody really appreciates. Just tell
him to go out there and strike MFers out. Simple as that. Heck, if it
helps build his confidence, tell him he’s taller then Pedroia.

OK, that’s it for now Tito. Let me know if I can be of anymore help.



Darn it. I knew I’d forget something…

I have this friend of mine that say’s John Henry is cheap, Theo is
inept and that you’re in a coma. I hope that’s not the case, so could
you do me a favor? The wife, kid and I are coming to see you guys this
Wednesday & Thursday. Would it be too much to ask that John Henry
buy us a round? Could Theo arrange parking for us at Fenway? And do you
think you could say “Hi” to us while we’re there?

I only ask because I’d like to prove my buddy wrong.

Thanks again!


One Down, 161 To Go

By Chris Cue
April 8, 2009

     Nice win for the Red Sox for the home opener yesterday afternoon. Josh Beckett looked absolutely filthy. 7 innings pitched, 1 run, 3 walks and 10 strikeouts. That’s nasty! It couldn’t have happened against a better team either. The Red Sox looking dominant over the Rays kind of puts into perspective what our problem was last season in the playoffs. Pitching. If yesterday’s Josh Beckett had shown up in the ALCS, things may have turned out much differently. No matter, he didn’t so we have to hope that this is just a glimpse of the Beckett we can expect to see this season.

     How about that MVP…..”The Little Engine”……Dustin Pedroia hits a homerun in his first at bat. You gotta love this guy. You just know his teamates got an ear full after the game. Add to that, Jason Varitek…..yes……VARITEK hits a homerun from the LEFT side of the plate. Do ya think he’s out to prove his critic’s wrong this year? I sure as heck hope we see more of that Jason. In fact, everyone in the lineup got a hit yesterday except for Jacoby Ellsbury and his day will come. It was a great start to the 09 season for the Sox!

      Today we have Jon Lester on the mound facing Scott Kazmir.  Kazmir has been tough on the Sox in past seasons. He is 4-4 while pitching at Fenway. His troubles during the second half of last year were because he was having trouble locating that slider of his. If he has that going today, the Sox could be in for a long day. Lester on the other hand may be a much bigger problem for the Rays. He’s  16-2 lifetime at Fenway with a  3.30era. Coming off a breakthough season, much is expected of Lester this season. Hopefully, he’ll have the same kind of start Beckett did yesterday. As early in the season as it is, it wouldn’t stink to go up by 2 games on the Rays to begin the year.

     Game time tonight is 7:10pm and is being broadcast on NESN. Enjoy the game and let’s go SOX!!

Players State of Mind



By Chris Cue
February 17,2009

     As the remaining position players make their way into
Spring Training Camp today, some of those that preceded them have already
let their thoughts be known. To offer a glimpse into their state of mind, a few
simple quotes are all that’s needed.

David Ortiz
(photo – Boston.com)




I hear some comments and they do nothing but make me stronger.”

“I heard people
saying, ‘he’s getting old,’ or whatever. I just turned 33. I’ve never seen a
player called old at 33. You know what I mean?”

“These negative
comments people make about you just because for one year you’ve been off
because of injuries and things like that, don’t make no sense.”


Julio Lugo
(photo – Boston Herald)



going to be happy being on the bench.”

“Every year’s a
new beginning. Whatever you did last year doesn’t mean anything any more. I
don’t worry about that. I just come here and do what I do, play baseball the
best I can. I can’t make those decisions. They know what they’re going to get
from me. This is not my first rodeo.”


Mike Lowell
(photo – ProJo SoxBlog)

021509_Lowell.jpg(On the off season trade talk) “You feel hurt, but it’s a human reaction
anyone would have. It just goes to show you that there are some times
when it’s a business, so you have to treat it that way. You go from

“It doesn’t take
away any excitement or from the guys I play with on the field. I want the
chance to win a World Series. There aren’t too many people who can say that,
even in the big leagues.

Dustin Pedroia


(photo – ProJo Soxblog)


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was excited about the MVP. It was a great year, but I was very upset about the
way it ended. My biggest focus in the off season was to get ready for this
season. I just want to help the team win.”

“I’m shredded
and jacked. We’re ready to kick everybody’s (rear end).”

“Our biggest
goal this year is in front of us and when you’re that close last year to
returning to the World Series and not doing it, it leaves a bitter taste in
your mouth. So I think everybody put the time in during the off season to
prepare themselves for a great season. We’re definitely looking forward to
doing special things this year.”


Jason Bay
(photo – Boston Herald)


(on extending his contract) “There are a lot of factors that go into that. There are
definitely a lot of positives for me to stay here. I love it, as most
people do.”

(regarding replacing Manny and being accepted) “It was great. I think they (the fans) took to me more because of my
last name. It was easy. When you come into a situation like that there
are so many unknowns and to be accepted by the fans before I had even
done anything was a big weight off my back.”

     The remainder of the position players will begin showing up to the Player Development Center this morning. Once they arrive, the team will start the first day of full squad workouts. Each arriving player will have their own schedules and opinions, but these 5 have stated the common goal. Work hard, help the team win and the rest will take care of itself.

Theo On WEEI: Transcript

By Chris Cue
February 5, 2009

     In case you were unable to listen to the interview that Theo Epstein gave yesterday on WEEI, a transcript of that conversation is provided HERE (courtesy of Boston.com). A few highlights include:

Theo on being able to sign Pedroia and Youkilis to long term contracts:

Epstein: “…. With Pedroia and Youkilis, we knew that they were among the players that we wanted to sit down and have multi-year conversations with. And, you know, they were really reasonable. And so we were able to work something out. I hope we will look back and say that was an important part of our offseason, being able to lock Pedroia up for the length of time that we did, six years and an option, and then Youkilis for four years and an option. We get these guys through their prime years, get the club option . . . they get a lifetime’s worth of security, we get cost-control, affordability, and the knowledge that we’ll keep a good part of our offensive and defensive core intact. So it’s a win-win there for all sides.”

Regarding any concern over Jon Lester’s innings increase from 2007 to 2008:


Epstein: “Yeah, I think anytime a pitcher has that kind of jump in innings you want to be concerned, but there were a lot of factors that went into that. The total last year was a little bit artificially high because the season began so early. So his first outing in Japan, for instance, would have been an outing anyway, but we would have called it spring training. And he was so efficient with his pitching that he got deep in games while maintaining his delivery without having stressful innings, those things factor into the equation. With our young pitchers, we want to have a more natural progression, but with Jon, he was so strong last year and so reliable that we had to push a little bit past where we wanted to go. . . . He’s young, strong, we’re not going to do anything irresponsible with him, and he’s a guy you can feel pretty good about betting on for the long haul.”

Mike Lowell’s health and state of mind following the attempted deal for Mark Teixeira:

Epstein: As you know he had surgery on the labrum in his hip and we projected him to be ready by the start of the season, and that’s still the case. He’s had some really good weeks and some that were frustrating. But he’s started swinging the bat and doing some agility work so he’s on schedule to be available by the end of spring training. And that’s really what we’re focused on, what he’s going to look like at the end of spring training rather than the beginning. As far as the feelings he might have, Mike’s a veteran and he understands there’s things organizations have to do when elite players become available, players that might fit for the long haul. Teams that want to win every year go after those players and that’s the nature of it. I think Mike understands that. It doesn’t mean your feeling don’t get affected a little bit, it doesn’t mean that you like it, but Mike’s a veteran and he’s been through it before.”

If the Red Sox are done with off season trades or deals for Free Agents:

Epstein: “I think we’re probably done. There is always something else that might fit as we round out our spring training roster and there’s always trade discussions as well, so I wouldn’t rule anything out. But nothing is that hot or active right now. I think most teams are packing up and heading down to spring training seeing what they have the first few weeks of camp then trade discussions will pick up from there. But we’re pretty much set at most positions and I feel good about our depth that we have in camp. And we’ll need it because it’s a long season, and every season we’ve built up depth we’ve needed it to survive the attrition of the season. So we’ll see how we look on the field in a week or so.”

The 2009 Red Sox Batting Order

By Chris Cue
December 14th, 2008

The 2009 season is months away, the off season acquisitions haven’t been completed by the front office yet and people are already debating what the batting order should be. I’ll assume it’s just boredom setting in, but if you’re hungry for talk about your team, it’s as good a place as any to start up a discussion, so here we go….

Before we get into this, let me hook you up with something that’s usually worth looking into. When the season gets much closer to starting, David Pinto over at Baseball Musings (Link HERE) does an analysis of every Major League team using what is believed to be their starting nine. His analysis calculates every possible batting order possible for the team, projects what each could theoretically do and factors in several variables to determine which batting order has the potential to produce the most. It’s interesting to look at if only for the fun of it. I view projections on future performance based on history as a nice betting tool…nothing more. In real life, they’re not as accurate as some would have you believe. I think a monkey actually beat some of the so-called “experts” on projections once, so take it for what it’s worth.

Getting back to the discussion of the Red Sox and their batting order, I’ve seen opinions that go from “It does not matter because you either have good hitters or you don’t” to others saying “It’s crucial to have the right batting order”. I suppose that there is a little truth in both cases. The way I see it, a teams batting order is important only to the extent that you want to see your best hitters get the most plate appearences. After that, it becomes more of a strategy as to where they should hit in that order.

I have several idea’s I’d like Terry Francona to try, but Tito does have his preferences. That would most likely rule out some of the idea’s I have, but I’ll offer up one and let you counter with thoughts of your own.

There’s a method to my madness. Let’s see if you can figure out what it is. Here ya go.

My 2009 Red Sox Batting Order:

This obviously assumes that Varitek will return and that no other changes will be made. If the team adds Teixeira, you can throw this right out the window. If we go with what we have, this is a lineup I think Tito would consider and one I’d like to see him try.
What’s yours?