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Where’s Theo?

Posted by: Chris Cue

5:11am Thurs, 11/26/09

    I’d like to know where Theo Epstein is today. Six years ago he made Red Sox fans very happy by sitting down, eating and talking Turkey with Curt Schilling. Any chance he’s having Thanksgiving dinner away from home again this year? One can only hope. If not, no problem. Enjoy your Turkey today Theo, but do us all a favor and come to work tomorrow ready to talk Turkey with someone who will be a difference maker in 2010…..please.

    To everyone else, enjoy your family and friends today. They are what we should be truly thankful for.

……….on a lighter note:

      If Emeril Was a Turkey


















Happy Thanksgiving!!


Thanks For The Memories Curt

By Chris Cue
March 23, 2009

(photo: Boston.com)
BDD_CSdone_10.25.jpgSome people love him and some people hate him, although the majority of the latter are probably not Red Sox fans. Curt Schilling officially retired yesterday. In a press release issued by the Boston Red Sox, here’s what the organization had to say about Curt Schilling….

“Today we join Red Sox Nation and baseball fans worldwide in saluting
Curt Schilling for an exceptional and lengthy career. One of the most
skilled, determined and passionate players of his era, he made
significant contributions to the Boston Red Sox organization both on
and off the field. Curt helped bring two World Series championships to
the City of Boston through tireless preparation and personal sacrifice.
A true clutch performer, he delivered in the most challenging of

Along with his wife, Shonda, Curt impacted the community in myriad ways
including by raising funds and awareness for such important causes as
skin cancer prevention, through his efforts with the Shade Foundation,
and Lou Gehrig’s Disease, with Curt’s Pitch for ALS.

Thank you, Curt Schilling, for all you have given to our fans, our team, our community, and the game of baseball.”

     I don’t think I could have said it any better then that! It doesn’t matter if you love him or hate him, you have to admit Curt Schilling was one hell of a Baseball Player. Plus, how can any self respecting Red Sox fan not have a warm spot in their heart for a guy who said this:


“I’m not sure I can think of any scenario more
enjoyable than making 55,000 people from New York shut up.”
…..Curt Schilling

You gotta love him for that if nothing else.

Thanks again Curt. You helped end 86 years of misery.

For that, you’ll never be forgotten by anyone that calls themselves a Red Sox fan.

Next stop, the Hall of Fame.

Supporting the “Obvious”

    Talk about timely…..since my missive this morning “An Obvious Choice“, I found 2 new articles by individuals that I’m sure are regarded much higher then myself in this area. Both support my belief that Jason Varitek is the best Red Sox catching option available for this year and perhaps the following year as well.

To support my position, I offer the following:

Tony Massarotti from the Boston Globe – “Sox have pitching, but there’s a catch”
(link HERE)

Curt Schilling from 38 Pitches -“What About Tek?”
(link HERE)

Both not only say that he’s the best option for the Red Sox, but each also say’s that the Red Sox NEED him.

This really is a no-brainer from where I sit.