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Francona’s Unique Approach

By Chris Cue
February 23, 2009

     Red Sox manager Terry Francona introduced a few new conditioning tools to the team yesterday. Many of the new approaches to training are a bit unorthodox, but the players appeared to embrace them without any questions or complaints. When asked why he decided to institute these new measures now, Francona responded with, “Well, we all heard about the suck-up session that Joe Girardi had with his players yesterday, so the Theo and I decided to do something a little different for our guys too.”  Francona then went on to introduce a few of the new idea’s to the media during his afternoon press gathering.

     “This was originally designed for Pitchers. We hope that by using this they will become much better in pinpointing their accuracy when it comes to locating their pitches. When I installed it in the club house, I was surprised to see the entire team line up to try it out.”

“The Location Drill”

Pitching drill.jpg     “They’re all getting their work in by using this.” Francona said. “I think right now, Beckett has the team record, but we’ll keep track of it and update you on the current standings.” 

     Another motivational piece introduced yesterday is a first of it’s kind when it comes to preparing ball players. When asked about the next item shown to the press, Tito said, “You know, ever since Coco’s incident last season, we’ve been trying to figure out a way to prepare players mentally when they are hit by a pitch. All the guys have to do is look at this and I think it gets the message across.”

“The Hit By Pitch Approach”

Hit by pitch drill.jpg     Francona was asked if he had any special idea’s regarding how to approach Tampa this season. He responded by saying, “We kind of had to think out of the box to address that, so what we ended up doing was bringing in someone we felt was an expert at tackling situations like that.”

“The Fishing Instructor”

fishing_drill.jpg       “This next picture shows you something that I can’t take credit for.” Francona said, “It’s something that Tek came up with. He noticed that a number of the guys like Bard, Kottaras and even Dusty Brown don’t really spend a lot of time in the weight room. So, to increase stamina and to test their will power, he had the guys doing this exercise yesterday.”

“The Sam Adams Indurance Test”

Catching drill.jpg      “The guys really seemed to enjoy it. I saw them doing this over and over. It must be really challenging because at the end of the day, most of them couldn’t seem to be able to stand up.”
     “Another challange we had was how to help some of the younger pitchers learn how to hold runners at first base. As you can see in this shot, Michael Bowden got really into it.” Francona labeled this next exercise….

“The Pick Off Drill”

     Time will tell if Francona’s unique approach will have any real benefits to the players this season. It certainly seems like the Red Sox organization is pulling out all stops to get the team prepared for any eventuality that could occur. When asked if he had any other idea’s that he planned to try out, Francona said, “I have a few. Right now we’ve been trying out a plan to help Julio Lugo reduce the amount of errors he has in the field. It involves a metal ball and a high powered magnet inserted into his glove. Lugo hasn’t got all the kinks worked out of it yet and right now he’s pretty bruised up, so we’ll wait until he heals up and try some more.”

     Good Luck Tito…..


The Long Wait Gets A Little Longer

By Chris Cue
December 26th, 2008

The Red Sox 2008 season came to an end on October 19th and since then the fans have been waiting. What players will stay? What players will go? What new players will be added? These are all questions Boston fans have been asking since that loss to Tampa Bay, but relatively few answers have been handed out by the organization.

Since the season ended players such as Coco Crisp, Sean Casey, Paul Byrd and Kevin Cash (now a Yankee) have all gone. Jason Varitek remains tied to the organization with talks of renewing his contract presently underway, but he too is technically no longer with the team.

So here we sit. Waiting for some news on who the replacement players might be or if word will come that the Red Sox have resigned any of the still available former players from 2008.

We’re going to have to wait a little longer.

Typically, from Christmas day through January 5th of the following year, Major League Baseball pretty much closes up shop. While there may be an aquisition here or there, normally very little is done while most officials are out of the office.

 Sixty eight days after the season ended, We still don’t know the answers to key questions surrounding the 2009 Red Sox.

Who will be the 5th starting pitcher to complete our rotation?
Who will be our catcher and backup catcher?
Who will be our 4th outfielder?
Who will be our backup corner infielder?

Frustrated yet?

You’re not alone.

However, you can take some comfort in the fact that in recent off season activity, the majority of the signings and trades have been completed in the months of January & February not November & December. 

So, hang in there. The answers are coming. The action is about to heat up.

We will just have to wait……..a little longer.