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Varitek Admits to Using “Cream”

Posted by Nick Cafraudo – Boston staff writer
February 12, 2009

MYERS, FL: Earlier today, Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek met with
reporters after he let it be known that he wanted to “Make a full
disclosure”. Shortly after 11am this morning, Varitek, standing at a
podium inside the club house of the player development facility, said
the following:

     “Thank you for coming. I thought it best to
step forward at this time and clear the air. I have indeed used a cream
type substance in the past to improve my physical condition. I wanted
to be upfront about the situation and not hide any longer. I am
uncomfortable discussing this issue, but I do feel somewhat relieved to
know that 103 other Major League players tested positive for this as
well back in 2003. For the longest time I hid this from everyone. I
suffered alone and as it turns out, I didn’t have to. It was a
performance itch that I couldn’t help but scratch….a burning painful
itch that just wouldn’t go away and I didn’t know what to do about it,
so I turned to a cream to help me. I’m ashamed of my behavior and I
want the world to know I’m sorry for it.”

Immediately after his
statement, Varitek opened the news conference up to questioning. Dan
Shaughnessy from the Boston Globe asked Varitek if he would state the
name of the cream he used and if he would also disclose who he got it
from. Varitek responded by saying:
“I got it at a local Supermarket and bought it in one of those self-checkout lines to avoid embarrassment”
Shaughnessy followed up his questioning with:
“You bought a Steroid at a local supermarket?”
“Steriod?” Varitek asked.
I had hemorrhoids. I got a cream to help me out. I honestly didn’t know
hemorrhoids were banned from MLB, so I never said anything. I used a
cream to relieve the itch and I’m sorry for it.”
Shaughnessy blurted out “Wrong Roids Tek”

press conference ended shortly after that, but this reporter can’t help
but wonder if a smelly ball with a greasy substance may have helped
Varitek and his pitchers achieve those no hitters he’s credited for…..
One thing is for certain, from this day forth, Varitek will be known as the
undisputed king of “Preparation…. H”



A Little Venting

By Chris Cue
January 28, 2009

     In the mood for a little venting? If not, you may want to skip what you’re about to read. Personally, I’m pretty sick of the Boston Press right now. I know that January is normally a slow time for Baseball News, but there really are stories fans of the Red Sox would like to read about other then the on going saga with Jason Varitek, Scott Boras and the Sox front office.

     Don’t get me wrong, I am keenly interested in the outcome of Varitek’s contract offer, but there is so much more out there that could be reported. If only the press would get off their lazy butts and do some digging, we might actually get some news on the other 39 guys that make up the 40 man roster.

     Is anyone else a little curious about those guys too?

     I can’t be the only one that would be interested to know:

          A). How’s Ortiz wrist? What kind of shape is he in? Has he slimmed down a bit

               to help with his knees?
          B). How’s Mike Lowell’s rehab coming? What’s his state of mind following the

               Teixeira talks?

          C). How is Josh Beckett doing? Any lingering effects from his troubles towards the

               end of last season? Will he be in shape coming into camp this Spring?
          D). How’s Jon Lester feeling after a season that saw his innings pitched

               jump from 153.2 (minors & majors combined) in 2007 to 210 innings

               pitched last season? Is his arm about to fall off or is he just fine?
          E). How’s John Smoltz’s rehab coming?

          F). Is Brad Penny ready to go after his troubles last season?

          G). What about Takashi Saito? Is he here in name only or will he really be able

               to pitch?

     I could go on and on with questions that could be asked and stories that could be written. Unfortunately, for some reason it seems like all the Boston press is concerned about is Jason Varitek and rehashing the Teixiera debacle. I’m done Mazz get over Teixeira! I’ve heard enough CHB! ‘Cmon, Silverman, McDonald and the rest of you, do some reporting, a little digging and give us something new! Seriously gentleman, we’ll have an answer on Tek before this week ends.

     Can we PLEASE move on??