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Does This Have Legs?

Posted by: Chris Cue
10:15am Wed, 11/25/09

     Doesn’t it just irk you when people play the “I told you so” card? Especially when it’s a no-brainer “I told you so” in the first place? Me too, so I won’t mention the fact that this was covered in my Hot Stove Predictions HERE and HERE 🙂

     If today’s headline’s are to be believed, then it looks like the Red Sox are all in for a Roy Halladay trade with Toronto….

Here’s a rundown of today’s stories on the subject with links provided…

From Boston dot com….
Halladay is being targeted

Jays may want Kelly, Buchholz
(link HERE)
From the NY Daily News

Sources: Boston Red Sox making push to trade for Roy Halladay, try to beat New York Yankees to punch

(link HERE)
From MLB.com

Red Sox making run for Halladay

Boston putting on ‘full-court press’ to acquire Jays ace

(link HERE)

     There are other stories out there saying the same, but that’s about the gist of what each say’s. This by no means is a slam dunk deal for the Red Sox. If all of these rumblings are correct, it won’t be long before you see a number of teams get into the picture as well. It’s a given the Yankees won’t let the Sox get this done without some sort of a fight/price hike. The LA Angels as well as the Dodgers and Phillies I would expect to have serious interest as well.

     It might be best to just look at this as a good sign that the Hot Stove is actually heating up.


At Your Service

By Chris Cue

February 7, 2009

     If you are planning on attending any portion of the Red Sox Spring Training in Ft. Myers, Florida this year, I can help. In case you are new to this blog, my qualification for being a tour guide for you is the fact that I lived and worked in that area for quite some time. If you have done any research on the area prior to heading down and you would simply like to bounce your trip planning idea’s off me, that’s fine. The Boston Globe’s website has a Fan Guide to Southwest Florida that was put together using the Globe’s staff recommendations. They also offer another Fan Guide that was compiled using reader’s input.

     After looking at both of their offerings, I can tell you that if you follow some of the recommendations, you stand a pretty good chance of being disappointed. The maps they use are a bit misleading as well. What looks like a drive just down the road a bit, is actually an hours ride away. Much of that is due to the heavy traffic in the area and some if it is the scale of the map they use which makes locations appear closer then they actually are. Some of the suggested restaurants are actually quite good. Others I wouldn’t suggest to anyone. Perhaps it’s a “taste” issue, but with some of these I have to believe that people were just anxious to suggest something so they could get their name in print. Really, before you start making reservations at Hotels, restaurants or attractions you would like to see, please ask about them first. You can do so in the comments section below and I promise I’ll reply.

     To use an old expression….”I have no dog in this fight”, so I won’t steer you wrong. I honestly would never have thought about offering my services if I hadn’t seen some of the horrible recommendations that were being made on Boston.com’s “Fan Guides”. Just because it was printed, it doesn’t make it good. I happen to really like that area and I wouldn’t want to see you have a disappointing experience.

Ask first. I’d be happy to help.


Theo On WEEI: Transcript

By Chris Cue
February 5, 2009

     In case you were unable to listen to the interview that Theo Epstein gave yesterday on WEEI, a transcript of that conversation is provided HERE (courtesy of Boston.com). A few highlights include:

Theo on being able to sign Pedroia and Youkilis to long term contracts:

Epstein: “…. With Pedroia and Youkilis, we knew that they were among the players that we wanted to sit down and have multi-year conversations with. And, you know, they were really reasonable. And so we were able to work something out. I hope we will look back and say that was an important part of our offseason, being able to lock Pedroia up for the length of time that we did, six years and an option, and then Youkilis for four years and an option. We get these guys through their prime years, get the club option . . . they get a lifetime’s worth of security, we get cost-control, affordability, and the knowledge that we’ll keep a good part of our offensive and defensive core intact. So it’s a win-win there for all sides.”

Regarding any concern over Jon Lester’s innings increase from 2007 to 2008:


Epstein: “Yeah, I think anytime a pitcher has that kind of jump in innings you want to be concerned, but there were a lot of factors that went into that. The total last year was a little bit artificially high because the season began so early. So his first outing in Japan, for instance, would have been an outing anyway, but we would have called it spring training. And he was so efficient with his pitching that he got deep in games while maintaining his delivery without having stressful innings, those things factor into the equation. With our young pitchers, we want to have a more natural progression, but with Jon, he was so strong last year and so reliable that we had to push a little bit past where we wanted to go. . . . He’s young, strong, we’re not going to do anything irresponsible with him, and he’s a guy you can feel pretty good about betting on for the long haul.”

Mike Lowell’s health and state of mind following the attempted deal for Mark Teixeira:

Epstein: As you know he had surgery on the labrum in his hip and we projected him to be ready by the start of the season, and that’s still the case. He’s had some really good weeks and some that were frustrating. But he’s started swinging the bat and doing some agility work so he’s on schedule to be available by the end of spring training. And that’s really what we’re focused on, what he’s going to look like at the end of spring training rather than the beginning. As far as the feelings he might have, Mike’s a veteran and he understands there’s things organizations have to do when elite players become available, players that might fit for the long haul. Teams that want to win every year go after those players and that’s the nature of it. I think Mike understands that. It doesn’t mean your feeling don’t get affected a little bit, it doesn’t mean that you like it, but Mike’s a veteran and he’s been through it before.”

If the Red Sox are done with off season trades or deals for Free Agents:

Epstein: “I think we’re probably done. There is always something else that might fit as we round out our spring training roster and there’s always trade discussions as well, so I wouldn’t rule anything out. But nothing is that hot or active right now. I think most teams are packing up and heading down to spring training seeing what they have the first few weeks of camp then trade discussions will pick up from there. But we’re pretty much set at most positions and I feel good about our depth that we have in camp. And we’ll need it because it’s a long season, and every season we’ve built up depth we’ve needed it to survive the attrition of the season. So we’ll see how we look on the field in a week or so.”