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Oh My!

By Chris Cue
April 26, 2009

     With over  5 months to go in the baseball season, it’s probably a little too early to go jumping up and down with 2 game lead over the Yankees and a 4.5 game lead over the Rays heading into today……BUT……if you want to do a little cheering, I’m certainly not going to mock you for it 🙂

     The last 2 games vs the pinstriped brigade have been just about everything a baseball fan could expect. So far, we’ve witnessed some of the very best baseball we’re likely to see. Granted, yesterday’s game was far from what most expected. With Josh Beckett on the hill for the Sox and AJ Burnett pitching for the Yankees, most felt we would be in for a real old fashioned pitchers duel. With a final score of 16-11, the Red Sox had another win in what turned out to be an offensive battle and not a toe to toe 9 round fight between elite pitchers at all. It’s funny how baseball is tricky like that sometimes. On paper everything looked like it was going to be a low scoring game, but then Wham! Here came the Yankees with 6 runs in 4 innings. Not to be out done, the Sox then returned the favor by putting up 5 runs of their own in the 4th inning lead by a Grand Slam from Jason Varitek.  The Sox then followed that up with 3 runs in the 5th, 1 in the 6th, 3 in the 7th and finally 4 runs in the 8th inning. While yesterday wasn’t a classic pitching matchup, it certainly was an impressive display of offensive power from both sides. Another hard fought game by both teams and another win for the Red Sox. There’s not much to complain about there.

     Yesterday’s win for the Red Sox gives them a league leading 9 game winning streak and pulled them within 1 game of tying the Blue Jays for the lead in the AL East. For all you baseball historians, yesterday’s comeback from six runs down was Boston’s largest comeback in a game against the Yankees since May 16, 1968 (according to the Elias Sports Bureau). Today, the Red Sox go for their 10th win in a row and third consecutive home stand ____ (I don’t want to jinx it by saying it) of an opposing team after defeating the Orioles in a 4 game series and the Twins in a 2 game series at Fenway.

     Justin Masterson will take the hill for the Sox hoping to secure the win and veteran Andy Pettitte will be trying to stop the bleeding for the Yankees. You wait and see. Today will end up being the pitchers duel. Why? Because baseball is tricky that way 🙂

Game time is set for 8:05pm est on ESPN.

Enjoy the game


GO SOX!!!!!


Busy, Busy, Busy

By Chris Cue
April 23, 2009

     Boy I’ve been busy. Sorry for not posting in a while and thank you to those of you who e-mailed wondering if I’d fallen off the face of the Earth. Obviously I haven’t, but I have to admit, there were a few times when that seemed like a pretty good option. 🙂

     On to Baseball…….How about them SOX huh? Reeling off seven victories in a row! Wow, that’s pretty good. In fact it’s the best run so far this season in all of MLB. That puts the Red Sox tied for 2nd place in the AL East with the NY Yankees.

Speaking of the Yankees…..

     “Hey Mom, look who’s coming to dinner.”


     That’s right, Baseballs best rivalry gets underway once again starting this Friday night. I don’t want to say that there is a lot of interest generated when these 2 teams get together, but when compared to others, well……

!Bus Stop.jpgI know it’s probably not fair to compare 2 teams that have had an intense rivalry for decades to others, but who cares about being fair? It’s the truth. While we no longer have the Fisk – Munson matchup and seeing how it’s going to be impossible for even a little A-Rod Varitek dust up, what are we left with?

!Youk-Joba.jpgHa Ha! That’s right. A little Youkilis – Chamberlain love-fest! We’ll see how much chin music Joba thinks he can get away with before our first baseman decides it’s time to color up one of his eyes. This mini drama kicks things off Friday night as Joba Chamberlain is the scheduled starter for the Yankees. As hot as Youk is at the plate right now, I can see Mr “I didn’t mean to throw at his head” look to try and cool him off a bit. We’ll see how that works out.

The game times, networks and scheduled starters for this weekend are:
Friday: 7:10pm est – NESN / Lester – Chamberlain
Saturday: 4:10pm est – FOX / Beckett – Burnett
Sunday: 8:05pm est – ESPN / Masterson – Pettitte

     As usual, this looks like it’s going to be one heck of a series. The pitching match ups look good and both teams are playing pretty well right now. Even some of the players appear to be getting up for this one.

“It’s going to be fun,” said Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia.
“Obviously, they have a great team and we feel we do too. Anytime you
play those guys, they’re going to be long games and exciting games. I
think everyone is looking forward to it.”


“It’s always fun to play those guys,” said Red Sox closer Jonathan
Papelbon. “When you put two competitive teams on the field, it’s always
going to make for an interesting game. We definitely have two teams
that are going to compete, and two teams that have a lot of talent on
them. It should be a fun series like always.”

(quotes taken from Ian Browne’s story on MLB.com)

So, even though we’ll have to endure and off day today, it appears that this weekend will more then make up for it. Regardless of how this series ends up, we’re sure to once again be treated to baseball at it’s best. I for one am looking forward to it!

Let’s try for 10 in a row…..


Pictures That Are Worth Millions….or not

By Chris Cue
February 14, 2009


Brian Cashman counting on works of art from CC Sabathia and A.J. Burnett

     I saw that headline on the New York Daily News web site. LOL I’m sorry, but this was the first thing that came to mind…

“Thanks For The Money”
By AJ Burnett

“Blame The Brewers”
By CC Sabathia

I know, I know. That’s a cheap shot…..but it is a little funny isn’t it?

Is There A Missing Piece?

By Chris Cue
January 26, 2009

     Going into the off season, all fans of all teams probably had their own set of priorities regarding what they would like to see their team accomplish. I’m sure each of us had one position or player that we saw as a “must have” item.

     I’m looking for responses here, so I’ll offer a few questions. I’ll give my answers as they relate to the Red Sox, but please feel free to answer for your team. I’d honestly like to hear other viewpoints so that we can all become a little more educated across the league as opposed to keeping our focus solely on our hometown guys.

Q: Did your team address the “need” you saw as being the highest priority?

A: As a Red Sox fan, I’d have to say no. Going into this off season I had hopes of the team picking up a viable catcher for the future. That hasn’t happened yet.
Q: Are you happy with the acquisitions your team did make?

A: Yes and No. I like the majority of the signings the Red Sox made with one exception. Brad Penny. It’s not that Penny is so awful that I cringe having him on our team, he’s not. I do however, think we could have done better for his spot in our rotation. This is a highly debatable opinion, but I thought at a minimum we could have taken a flyer on Ben Sheets instead. At a maximum, I wouldn’t have minded A.J. Burnett. In my opinion, Both Sheets and Burnett have a higher upside then Penny if they are healthy. Health is the big factor here. I can only assume that the Red Sox saw less of a risk with Penny then they did with Sheets. Too bad, because I think the pay off  (if there was going to be one) would have been much higher with Sheets than it will be with Penny.

Q: Are there any pieces to your team that you think should still be added? If so, who would you like to see fill those/that vacancy?
A: Yes there are a few.
     1). The obvious one for the Red Sox is the full time catchers position. While the team does have enough bodies to fill that spot, the best available option in my opinion remains unsigned. It should come as no surprise that Jason Varitek is the guy I feel should fill that role this year.
     2). I know I could be labeled as a greedy SOB, but I would still like to see the Red Sox add another starting pitcher. Yes, I’m talking about Ben Sheets. He just fits the profile on how the Red Sox do things too well. He can be had at a low cost and carries with him a potentially huge upside. With Wakefield, Smoltz and Penny all looking to be counted on this season, I’d like to have a Ben Sheets as insurance as opposed to a minor leaguer that may not work out.
     3). Much further down on my list is our utility infielder. I had hopes of replacing Julio Lugo with another player that might give Jed Lowrie more room to breathe. What I mean by that is, he wouldn’t be competing for his starting SS position on a daily basis. Julio Lugo’s 9 million dollar contract sitting on the bench, may tempt the powers that be to play him more often then I would personally like.  A return of Alex Cora to the backup IF spot because of his defense, would have been a good choice in my opinion.

Q: Looking at your team right now….as it’s presently structured, do you feel you have the players and personnel to be a contender in your division?

A: Without a doubt. Yes I do. It’s not as clear cut as say an Angels fan might look at their
current position and competition, but absolutely, I think the Red Sox will be in the mix. The teams competition for an AL East title is greater in my opinion then teams in the Central or the previously mentioned West might be, but considering what we have, Yes we’re definitely a player.

Please feel free to give your answers in the comments section or even ask and answer one of your own. I’m anxious to see how others view their teams and hopefully learn a thing or two.