New Years Resolutions

By Chris Cue
January 1st, 2009

I have decided to turn over a new leaf for the New Year and the following is what I think will take me to the promised land…….

I Resolve To:

  1. Make more money so I don’t need to take out a second mortgage to buy Red Sox game tickets for family and friends via Stub Hub.
  2. Not laugh respectfully under my breath when the Yankees season ends in a dismal failure. This year, I’m gonna laugh out loud directly into the face of that obnoxious Yankee fan we all know.
  3. Admit Pink Hats really do look cute on female fans….(there’s a story there I’ll share at another time)
  4. Not discuss baseball with my butcher before I ask him to weigh the meat. (he’s a Yankees fan)
  5. Mute Michael Kay if I’m ever forced to watch a Red Sox – Yankees game on the YES Network.
  6. Fly to Tampa for a game and ask the fellow sitting next to me where everyone else went today.
  7. Never give to a charity that requires Don & Remy to do an interview during the 7th inning.
  8. Be nice to Orioles fans (after all, they do have a nice ballpark and tickets are cheap).
  9. Try to forget Eric Gagne.
  10. Never EVER give my money to the Steinbrenners to see a game in the new Yankee Stadium.

I don’t know how much of a better person this will make me in the eyes of others, but I think I’ll feel better about myself.



  1. juliasrants

    Chris – Female fans look VERY cute in our Pink Hats and yes we are still real fans! You should have read my response to the idiot who first complained in the Boston Globe that real fans don’t wear pink hats. Please don’t tell me you agree with him! The debate made the Red Sox “thank you” list after the most consecutive home sell outs. I too will resolve to laugh out loud at those obnoxious Yankee fans when the 1/2 billion dollars don’t but a World Series! Happy New Year from a dedicated “Pink Hat” fan!


  2. Chris Cue

    Julia, you’ll never hear me use “Pink Hat” as a put down to a female fan. I never did it before and after what I witnessed one day, I’d be more likely to say “You Go Girl”. So, you’ll have no issues with me as far as that’s concerned.

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